Calling for Nominations – 2019 HPCIA Board

The end of the year is approaching, which means elections are near for the 2019 HPCIA Board of Directors.  Those who are interested in serving on the HPCIA Board or Directors are encouraged to contact the nomination committee at  Interested members may nominate themselves for any position or be nominated by others.

The deadline to submit a nomination for the 2019 HPCIA Board of Directors is 11/12/2018.  Elections for the 2019 Board positions will be held on December 11, 2018.

For 2019 we are moving from a 12-person Board to a 7-person Board.   Each person on the board will be expected to dedicate 4-10 hours a week on HPCIA activities.  Each board members will serve a one-year term. No compensation is provided for any Board position, these are volunteer positions only.

Descriptions of the HPCIA Board positions are outlined below:


The President shall preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee and shall be empowered to call special meetings of HPCIA and to break tie votes of the members. In addition, the President shall be authorized to make expenditures for HPCIA within limit established by the Board of Directors and serve as general spokesperson and liaison for the association. The President shall notify the Board of Directors of all official activities. The president shall appoint 2 HPCIA representatives to the Board of Directors of HPLC, Inc., one of whom shall serve as a board member-at-large. The president may make other appointments as necessary with Board approval.

Note: According to HPCIA By-Laws, presidential candidates should have served on the HPCIA Board of Directors one-year previously.  No compensation is provided for any Board position, these are volunteer positions only.

Vice President – Community Planning & Development

The Vice President – Community Planning & Development shall head the Planning and Development Committee and spearhead the process of developing and refining the long-term community plans and goals of the association. The Vice President – Community Planning & Development shall be ex-officio member of all committees, shall encourage regular participation of all active members, and shall such other duties as may be prescribed by the President. The Vice President – Community Planning & Development shall be responsible for arranging topics or speakers for monthly community meetings.

Vice President – Learning Center

The Vice President – Learning Center shall be one of the two people appointed by the President to serve on the HPLC, Inc. Board of Directors. He shall perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the President.


The Treasurer shall have the authority and responsibility for the receipt, disbursement and safekeeping of the funds and securities of HPCIA and for keeping the Board of Directors informed at all times as to the financial health of HPCIA. The Treasurer, working with the President, shall make written reports of the receipts and disbursements at each regularly scheduled meeting of the Board. The Treasurer’s records shall always be open for inspection with the exception of personnel records. The Treasurer shall also oversee any audit requested by the Board of Directors and performed by an independent accountant or an accredited certified public accountant. The Treasurer shall be responsible for recommending to the Directors the investment of funds of HPCIA and present a review of the performance of investments at the annual meeting and from time to time.


The Secretary shall keep the minutes of the meetings of the Board of Directors and shall cause to be kept the minutes of the Executive Committee meetings and shall be the custodian of all records not specifically assigned to the custody of others. The Secretary shall conduct or be the custodian of all correspondence of HPCIA and shall perform such other duties as the President may prescribe.

The Vice President – Learning Center shall be one of the two people appointed by the President to serve on the HPLC, Inc. Board of Directors.

At-Large Board Member (2 positions)

The At-Large Board will assist the HPCIA Board with as-needed operational responsibilities (i.e., membership, land use, voting, special projects) based on the Board’s focus/goals for the year.  The person that fulfills this role would need to be able to run a Community or Board meeting if needed, represent HPCIA at NPU-E an meeting and/or manage one or more of the HPCIA committees. In addition, one of the at-large board members will be appointed to serve on the Home Park Learning Center, Inc. Board of Directors along with the VP, Learning Center. Ideally, the At Large member would have held a couple of positions on the Board or on HPCIA committees with 2 or 3 years of HPCIA involvement to offer experience and history to the Board.

New Membership Guidelines and Fees

In August 2018, HPCIA will implement new membership guidelines and new fee structure.

Home/Residential Land Owner: $70 annual
Resident (i.e., renters): $70 annual
-Small Business – $100 annual
-Large Business – $250 annual

*Any new member will remain in a pending/probationary period for three months from date of application and until membership is successfully validated based on confirmation of membership eligibility requirements. A pending member who has paid dues in full shall be required to provide proof of eligibility to successfully move to an active member status.

The Canteen
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December 12th, 2017 – HPCIA Community Meeting Recap


This meeting was our Annual Board Election meeting. We had great attendance and would like to thank the Management at The Canteen at Georgia Tech for helping us host our event. An additional Thank You to our representatives from Atlanta Police Department Zone 5 and the Atlanta Citizens Review Board for coming out and speaking at our event. Lastly, an apology, for not having pictures taken during the event to post here.

Reminder, HPCIA Community Meetings happen six times a year. The 2018 meetings will take place in February, April, June, August, October, and December on the second Tuesday of each month.

2018 HPCIA Board Election Results

Community Planning & DevelopmentSene Sorrow
Education & Learning CenterPaul Fortson
TreasurerLee Frush
Events CommitteeAngela
Marketing & CommunicationsTiffany
SecretaryCole Cowden
Land Use CommitteeBob
NPU-E RepresentativeShaun Green
Business CommitteeBill
Public SafetyKathy Boehmer
Membership CommitteeWill

Website Updates

Below is a breakdown of some of the recent updates to Home Park website.

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October 10th, 2017 – HPCIA Community Meeting Recap


This meeting was our “Election” focused meeting. We met with three Candidates across two races in city wide elections. Byron Amos who is running for District 2 Atlanta Board of Education came out to introduce himself, his platform and answer school system questions as they relate to Home Park. Byron was very open with the community and offered his direct contact number should you wish to field any questions to him.

Additionally, District 3 (Home Park’s district) City Council Member candidates, Greg Clay and Ivory Young (incumbent)    each came out to introduce themselves, discuss their agendas if elected and field questions from Home Park community members. Many of the questions related to zoning laws, code enforcement and development plans on the Westside.

Some other Candidates that expressed interest in engaging the community but were unable to attend include the following below. Moreover, you can find a detailed Committee for a Better Atlanta Score Card rating on all Candidates here: CBA-Scores-8.5×11.

  • John Wright – APS Board of Education, Seat 7 At-Large.
  • Courtney English – APS Board of Education.
  • Kandis Wood Jackson, APS Board of Education, At-Large.
  • Alex Wan – City Council

2018 HPCIA Board Elections

Elections for 2018 HPCIA Board Positions will take place at our Community Meeting on December 12. You can review the list of board positions here and submit a nomination for yourself or someone else to

Park Acquisition

HPCIA has completed all of the necessary steps and paperwork for acquiring an additional half acre of park space North of 14th Street. We are waiting on acceptance of all terms from the City to complete the acquisition process and move on to the next step. Additionally, the HPCIA Board is working with Turner and Georgia Tech on ways of improving pedestrian access to the park along with improvements to it, if and when acquired.

Website Updates

The new website layout is up and running. The site has been secured with an SSL Cert from McAfee and additional features will be rolled out monthly. You can for the time being, subscribe to email alerts, register and pay dues. You can also follow the event calendar and find links to additional web assets for Home Park. Including links to NextDoor, FaceBook and other social media channels. Stay tuned for exciting developments over time.


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August 2017 – Community Meeting Recap

Thanks everyone who came to the August Community Meeting hosted by our neighbors at The Local on 14th. Looking forward to seeing more new faces at the October meeting on Tuesday the 10th. For more information on upcoming meetings, check out our events page.

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June 2017 – Community Meeting Recap

Thanks to everyone who made it out to the Community Meeting on Tuesday, June 13th. HPCIA hosted a special community meeting where we celebrated one of our neighborhood gems and held a networking event. Founder and Head Chef, Zach Malloy Better Half Atlanta, made some specialty dishes and cocktails for Home Park residents and members. He also participated in a discussion where he shared insight into the story of how he and his wife, Cristina, created Better Half was founded and all of the effort that went into building it. I’ve added photos here and the video of our discussion with Zach will be on the site later. For more information on upcoming meetings, check out our events page.