Neighborhood Planning Unit-E

Home Park lies within NPU-E, which is one of 25 NPU’s in the City of Atlanta.   The City of Atlanta Neighborhood Planning Unit system, created in 1974 by Mayor Maynard Jackson, provides a direct channel of communication between City of Atlanta departments and citizens.  The partnerships include working with City Planning, Mayor’s Office of Special Events, License Review Board, Atlanta Police Department, Atlanta Fire and Rescue, Code Enforcement, DPW, and elected officials including the Mayor, Atlanta City Council, and Fulton County.

Neighborhoods represented in NPU-E include: Ansley Park, Ardmore Park, Atlantic Station, Brookwood, Brookwood Hills Community Club, Georgia Tech, Home Park, Loring Heights, Marietta Street Artery, Midtown, and Sherwood Forest.  Each neighborhood has a designated representative who attends the monthly NPU-E meetings and presents on their neighborhood’s behalf, any business that needs to be heard by the greater NPU-E committee.  Most of the neighborhood issues that go before NPU-E have to do with zoning variances and alcohol licenses.

Each month, NPUs receive useful public updates directly from city departments and elected officials.  Topics include public safety, city sponsored project initiatives, major city events, and legislative changes. Additionally, NPUs are tasked with reviewing proposed legislation, zoning applications, special event permits and liquor licenses to provide vital community feedback.  The NPU discusses each application and votes in support or opposition.  This vote is formally submitted to the City of Atlanta.  NPU recommendations are considered by zoning and licensing boards when issuing the permit or license to an applicant.

If you live or own a business or property within one of the 11 member neighborhoods, you are a member of NPU-E.  As a member of NPU-E, you are allowed to attend the monthly meetings.

For more information about NPU-E, you can check out their website at this link.