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Any new member will remain in a pending/probationary period for three months from date of application and until membership is successfully validated based on confirmation of membership eligibility requirements. A pending member who has paid dues in full shall be required to provide proof of eligibility to successfully move to an active member status.

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You have selected the New Member - Small Business membership level.

An individual who own a small business within Home Park:

  • Commercially zoned property owners or businesses leasing with commercial space of less than 5000 sq. ft., regardless of lot size.
  • Residential Complexes with less than 100 rental units
  • Retail businesses with fewer than 10 employees
  • Applies to restaurant/bars, etc only if leasing or owning commercial space less than 5000 sq. ft. with fewer than 10 employees

The price for membership is $100.00 per Year after your 90 day trial.

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