The Home Park neighborhood founded the Home Park Community Improvement Association (HPCIA) in the 1970s. The mission of HPCIA is to provide information, services, and education to the Home Park community. Membership is open to residents, renters, businesses and anyone who owns property in Home Park.

The HPCIA Board Members for 2017 are:

President: Sene Sorrow:
Community Planning & Development: Jim McCurtain
Education/Learning Center: Janet Kinard, Paul Fortson
Business Committee: Ateer Sheth
Land Use Committee: Bob Wood:
Marketing & Communications Committee: Michael Gamble
Public Safety Committee: Kathy Boehmer
Membership Committee: Mac Young
Events Committee: Richard Bakare
NPU-E Representative: Shaun Green
Treasurer: Hugh Sanders
Secretary: Joe Blount

The association’s rules limit membership to residents, property owners, or business owners in the Home Park neighborhood.

Although participation in the organization and most of the resources provided by HPCIA are open to all, membership is the only way you can vote on issues critical to our neighborhood. Membership shows your support for all the volunteers of the association. Funds from membership dues and donations are used to pay the expenses of HPCIA, which have included design services for master plans and signs, land use reviews, and expenses to operate this web site.

The HPCIA has contributed toward the purchases of a patrol motorcycle for the Atlanta Police Department and a police cruiser (Dodge Charger) used by both the APD and the Georgia Tech Police Department.

There are a number of ongoing initiatives that depend on the generous support of both time and money from neighbors like you. HPCIA guides smart development with our retail and services neighbors along our commercial streets and organizes periodic neighborhood beautification days.

Click here to find out more information about how you can join HPCIA and get involved with the Home Park community.

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