Atlanta Police Department call 911
Deputy Chief, Field Operations, Ernest J. Finley
Zone 5 Commander, Major Wayne Whitmire

APD Housing Code Enforcement and Neighborhood Quality of Life Issues
(cars and trucks parked in yards, rubbish in yards, severe overgrowth of yards)
Report Online!
Officer Sandra L. Edwards  404-326-6573

(graffiti or tagging vandalism)
Officer Brad Etterle,, 404-546-7516

Atlanta City Council Representatives
Ivory Lee Young, Jr. 404-330-6046
Mary Norwood, Post 2 At Large 404-330-6302

Animal Services 404-613-0358

Solid Waste Services 404-330-6236

Household Trash Pickup 404-330-6333
Weekly trash pickup for the green (household waste) and blue (recycled waste) carts is on Mondays. Please roll your carts to the curb on Sunday evenings.

=> Please remember to roll your carts away from your front yards down your driveway, side yard or alley on Monday evenings.

Bulk Trash/Rubbish Pickup 404-330-6333
Bulk trash pickup for old furniture or other large waste occurs the first week of each month. Please be sure to separate the bulk items from yard trimmings as the City requires them to be separated. They dispatch different trucks at different times for bulk trash and yard trimmings.

Problem Trash Piles and Herbie Kirbies
The City of Atlanta has a division within Public Works called the “SWEET TEAM.” “SWEET” stands for Solid Waste Education and Enforcement Team that addresses problems with Herbie Kirbies left on the street or sidewalks after City pickup days, discarded furniture, illegal dumping, illegal signs, and improperly contained waste disposal.
If you see a problem, call 404-330-6333 or send an email to
The city will be able to follow up much better if you can provide them with the address and the contact information you have for the owner of the property.

Home Alarm Registration/Permits

Home Park Parking Permits

Recycling ReCART 888-727-2978

Watershed Management 404-658-6500

Zoning Enforcement
Department Chief, Gregory L. Pace 404-330-6147

Atlanta Citizen Review Board